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~About Yonago Japanese Language School~

 Affiliated with Yonago Nagashima Institution, Yonago Japanese Language School is newly launched in early April 2019.

 One of our features is that our campus in inside Japanese High School grounds. Our students have more chances not only to learn Japanese but also to experience Japan's cultures.

~About Yonago city (Tottori Prefecture)~

 Yonago city, where our school is locating, has been known for its clean air and water. There are also many delicious food, thanks to the diversity of nature and weather in this area.


Our Education Vision

 By learning Japanese, our students have more chances to understand and experience Japan's cultures and history; therefore, they would become "connecting bridge" between Japan and their own countries, creating international exchange channels.


From Chairman Funamori Nobuaki

 I have graduated from the Yonago Shoin Highschool, which is in the same campus with Yonago Japanese Language School. After having amazing time as a student, I have became a tax consultant.

 I hope international students can experience a wonderful student's life for 2 years during your stay and keep moving forward in order to entry higher educational level in Japan.

From Principle Aburatani Osamu

     International students in our school could spend time being friends with Japanese high school students during their stay in Yonago. 

     At Yonago Japanese language school, they can make efforts in studying Japanese and pass JLPT N2 and N1.  Moreover, extracurricular classes are carried out for free. 

     International students, try your best and make your dreams come true!

Connection with YONAGO SHOIN High School

 Yonago Japanese Language School shares the same campus with Yonago Shoin High School. Hence, international students can make friends with Japanese high school students, experience cultures through school events and activities, get to know more deeply about Japanese people's thinking.

About San-in Area