Student Dormitory

  All Yonago Japanese Language School students enter our designated dormitory.

     The dormitory has been newly built in March 2019, and it only takes 10 minutes on foot from the school.

     There are shared spaces and private rooms. It is safe, private and comfortable for students to live in our dormitory.

  Also, all the furniture and facility that you need for your life are equipped, so that you can start living as soon as you arrive in Japan.


▶Shared Space


・IH stove

・Bath/ Toilet



・Washing Machine

・Vacuum Cleaner

・Dining Table Set


▶Private room

・Desk and chair set



・Big closet

・Futon set

(if student inquires futon set,school staff could prepare it in advance and student pays when arriving in Japan)

Dormitory Expenses

Admission Fee ¥0 



Monthly Rental Fee


Monthly Management Fee


※In principle, dormitory rental fee should be paid in a lump-sum payment (every 6 months).

※The deposit should be paid when entering the dormitory.

※The deposit will be refunded when leaving the dormitory in accordance with the dormitory rules.

※Aside from the rent, utilities and management charge are required.

Dormitory Facilities