Admission Guidance

1. Application Information

Time of Enrollment

Learning period 2 years
Capacity < Intermediate Level > 19 students
Capacity < Elementary Level > 20 students

2. Requirements / Qualifications

Students who meet all qualifications below (from A to E) are eligible to enter Yonago Japanese Language School.

A:18 years old (or above) and having completed compulsory education system in students' own countries.

B:Having obtained the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 (or higher) or other equivalent certificates, and expected to reach N4 level (or equivalent) at the time of admission.

       ※ Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 (or equivalent) will be required if you wish to participate in the (low) intermediate class.

C:Having never failed to be granted a certificate of residence eligibility by any institute of Japanese language education other than Yonago Japanese Language School.

D:Having a trust-worthy financial guarantor who can provide payment guarantees for the expenses, including academic fees and living expenses while applicant studies at Yonago Japanese Language School.

E:Have completed the application for an entry permit into Japan and thus are permitted or will be permitted to enter into Japan.


3.Admission Flow

Admission Flow

※ We will not carry out the Entrance Exam② if students passing in the Entrance Exam ① are enough.

※ If you wish the Entrance Exam② please contact us.

4.School Expenses

Contents First year Second year
Entrance Examination Fee ¥ 20,000
Enrollment Fee ¥ 40,000
Tuition ¥ 560,000 ¥ 560,000
Facility Fee ¥ 60,000 ¥ 60,000
Materials Fee ¥ 30,000 ¥ 30,000
Insurance Fee / Others ¥ 35,200 ¥ 24,200
Total ¥ 745,200 ¥ 674,200
2-year Total Amount

¥ 1,419,400


Yonago Japanese Language School provides a variety of scholarships before and after admission.

Before admission, depending on conditions , tuition fee for the 1st school year will be exempted up to ¥560,000.

After entering our school, students can also receive many grants for passing the JLPT N1, having good academic results or achieving perfect attendance.

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Admission Information

Please refer to the admission requirements for detail on admission.

Making inquiries are available by phone, emails or Facebook messages. Please feel free to contact us.